My crazy idea for an Obama ad

The  more politically astute of you will remember this ad from 2004, featuring John Kerry flip-flopping as he windsurfs.

I know it's crazy, but I would love to see an Obama's campaign produce an ad, strictly for media consumption, that superimposed McCain's face over Kerry and detailed McCain's truly prodigious flip-flops.  Why do I love this idea?
1) I love the idea of turning the flip-flop argument that comes out every four years back against the Republicans.
2) Something like this would be absolute catnip to the media.  They'd run it plenty without the Obama campaign needing to do anything other than release it on youtube.  And, it would get them talking extensively about the fact that John McCain may have changed his positions to pander to his base more than any modern presidential candidate in history.
Okay, not going to happen– but tell me it wouldn't be damn effective.

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