Why I wish I were Ezra Klein

Ezra managed to write this before the speech.  The words: all his; the sentiments: shared:

Weird coverage this evening. The networks are — somewhat
predictably — obsessed with Palin's speech. They're breathless before
the big question: “Can she do it?”

Of course she can. Democrats and Republicans alike trust her ability
to read words off a teleprompter. There's never been any question about
her ability to give a speech. Particularly not one written by a team of
talented professionals. Indeed, what she must do tonight isn't even
hard: She must come across as sentient, as human, and as critical of
Barack Obama. It is widely agreed that she is, in fact, sentient,
human, and critical of Barack Obama, so unless she wanders out in an
octopus costume and reads a poem, tonight's going to go well for her.
Indeed, it should go better than well. A couple cutting lines about
Obama's experience, an emotional retelling of her struggles to balance
family and governance, and she'll be judged a success. And not wrongly.
She will have been asked to give a speech, and she will have given one.
Odds are it will have been a very good one.

That will not obviate her tests in the coming weeks. A good speech
will not dissolve what an investigative reporter digs up in Anchorage
next Wednesday. It is unlikely to test her knowledge of urban crime
policy or Iraqi political parties or health care financing. A good
speech will not obviate the fact that John McCain failed to vet Sarah
Palin, or that she's got 18 months of serious political experience. It
will not render her ready for the vice presidency, and it will not
allow her to dodge the questions and the cameras and the reporters and
the town halls that will stretch from now until the election. This is
the convention. It is a show, just like it was for the Democrats. If
the production values are high it will go well. But the concerns about
Palin will remain, and they are questions that relate to her
performance when she's not reading from the script. Her test will come
over the next six weeks, not the next six hours.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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