Websites and Gender

I came across this cool site last week, but as I was at the beach (oh so nice), I'm sharing it now.  Anyway, it is a site that examines your web browsing history to predict your gender. In keeping with other sites that aren't so sure about me ( this says I am just as likely to be male as female.  What's particularly interesting is that it gives the gender ratios of the sites you visit.  Here's my results:

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 50%

Likelihood of you being MALE is 50%

Site Male-Female Ratio 0.98 1 1.35 1.13 1.22 1.15 0.83 0.74 0.57 0.64 0.94 0.83 1.44 1.11 0.83 0.64 1.13 1.13 0.87 1.74 0.9 0.79 0.83 1.41 1.94

Basically, looks like sites where you can buy things tend to skew heavily female– thus my on-line shopping pushes my results in that direction.  On the other hand, news sites definitely skew male.  Good thing I was looking up some auto parts recently, heavily male, or else I would have come out at greater than 50% likelihood female. 

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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