The best news story I read yesterday

From the BBC:

An Australian woman has been saved by a pet dog
which leapt to her aid after she was attacked by a large kangaroo, her
son has said.

The marsupial assaulted Rosemary Neal, 65, at her farm near
Mudgee in New South Wales, 265km (160 miles) north-west of Sydney, her
son, Darren, said.

“The kangaroo just jumped up and launched straight at her,” he said.

“My dog heard her screaming and bolted down and chased him off. If it wasn't for the dog, she'd probably be dead.”

The solution to overagressive kangaroos?  Sharks

A kangaroo met an unlikely death after it bounded into the
surf in southern Australia
and was mauled by a shark, according to eyewitnesses.

Maybe they'll have an reenactment of that some day on one of the nature specials I watch with David.

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