The more you look

the more corruption you find in the Bush administration.  In what should be not the least bit surprising to anybody even half paying attention to politics:

Justice Department officials improperly used political and ideological
factors to screen applicants for the agency's prestigious honors and
summer intern programs, sometimes rejecting otherwise qualified
candidates because of their ties to Democrats, internal auditors said
in a report issued this morning.

Not at all surprisingly, two Bush political appointees are responsible…

Two members of the screening committee in 2006, Esther Slater McDonald,
an adviser to the associate attorney general, and Michael J. Elston,
chief of staff to the deputy attorney general, considered political and
ideological factors when rejecting candidates “and thereby committed
misconduct,” the investigators said.

McDonald allegedly wrote “disparaging” remarks about job seekers'
liberal ties on their applications, and Elston allegedly failed to take
action when the problems were brought to his attention by another
concerned member of the hiring panel, according to the report.

On the bright side for President Bush, when people look back years from now on his administration, the fiasco that is the Iraq War will surely largely overshadow the 19th century level of corruption he has brought to the executive branch.  This from the man who campaigned on restoring “honor and integrity” to the White House.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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