Just in case you were thinking of watching Fox news

Last week, a Fox news show speculated about Obama's “terrorist fist jab” with his wife.  This week, during a segment on Michelle Obama, they used the caption “Obama's Baby Mama” to refer to her.  (If you are not down with the lingo, the phrase refers to the mother of a child that the father has essentially abandoned).  They are simply not a serious news organization.

UPDATE: Apparently, I was a little hasty in my choice of words to define “baby mama.”  One of my intrepid readers writes in: “In modern African American culture, the institution of marriage has all but eroded, thus the rise of the 

so called “baby-mamma” phenomenon. But I would hesitate to use the phrase “all-but abandon” as you have. In many instances,  fathers are still involved in their children's lives, as much as any divorced father might be.”  Still, not at all an appropriate term to definte Michelle Obama.

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