Me for VP?

We had the evening news on Wednesday night and there was much discussion of whom Obama would choose as VP (EJ Dionne explains why it sure won't be Hillary).  David said, “I think he should pick you daddy.  You're really smart and know a lot about the government.”  It was very sweet (and hard to argue with).  He proceeded to say that I'm surely one of the smartest daddies out there, but then, already displaying the intuitive caution of the budding scientist he is,added that it just wouldn't be wise to say I'm the “smartest daddy” because you never really know all the possibilities out there. 

On two related notes: 1) I recently updated the on-line pictures of my adorable red-headed brood, if you are curious; and 2) Emily Bazelon had an interesting article in Slate about the ethics of writing/blogging about your kids on-line.  I feel pretty good with it. 

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