(Not) enough with Wright

So, I just posted “Enough with Wright,” but as usual anything new and original I had to say pales in comparison to some other great commentary I've read on the matter.  To that end, a couple of great comments.  First, Glen Greenwald:

Why the Jeremiah Wright story deserves more attention

think the most important thing to note about the Jeremiah Wright Story
is that we're a Nation plagued by exceedingly few significant problems;
blessed with a quite healthy political culture and very trusted
political and media institutions; composed of a citizenry that is
peacefully content with its Government and secure and confident about
their future; endowed with a supremely sturdy economic foundation free
of debt and other grave economic afflictions; vested with the ability
to command great respect and admiration from the other nations of the
world; emancipated from the burdens of war and intractable conflicts
which have toppled and destroyed so many other great nations of the
past; and, most of all, we're becoming freer and more prosperous by the

Not only that, but we have an extremely impressive, serious and honor-bound ruling imperial class devoted to the preservation of all of these blessings.

So it isn't as though we really have anything else to talk about
besides Jeremiah Wright. There are some countries in the world —
probably most — which have so many big problems that they could
ill-afford to devote much time and energy to a matter of this sort.
Thankfully, the United States isn't one of them. I believe it's
critical that we keep that in mind as we discuss him for the next seven

For the non-sarcastic approach, this post from John Cole is simply amazing:

So Jeremiah Wright has acted like a jackass the past few days, and
he may have acted supremely selfishly by hurting Obama?s electoral
chances. Regardless, he may be a flawed man, but that does not undo all
the good he has done over the years. I don?t know of any bloggers with
thirty years of service to the poor and the indigent. Get back to me
when Chris Matthews feeds hungry people for three decades. And even
with all his flaws, Jeremiah Wright did give us this quality bit of entertainment,
and I have to admit to enjoying someone treat the media with the
respect they deserve (which is to be mocked, have eyes rolled at them,
and taunted as Wright did yesterday at the Press Club).

it is because I am totally and unrepentantly in the tank for Obama, but
I just can?t get worked up over what his pastor said. Maybe it is
because I am not religious, and I am used to religious people saying
things that sound crazy. Or maybe I just refuse to spend any more time
and energy getting worked up over and denouncing, distancing, and
rejecting the wrong people- people who really don?t matter in the big
scheme of things. If you have a memo from Jeremiah Wright to John Yoo
showing how we should become a rogue nation, let me know. If you have
pictures of Jeremiah Wright voting against the GI Bill,
send it to me. If you have evidence of Jeremiah Wright training junior
soldiers on the finer aspects of stacking and torturing naked Iraqi
captives, pass them on.

Until then, I just can?t seem to get all worked up about the crazy scary black preacher that Obama has to ?throw under the bus.?

Enough with Wright already!

So everything Jeremiah Wright says and does is news now??  Yeah, the guy has done a bit of a media offensive this weekend– clearly taking advantage of his 15 minutes– but are any of his pronouncements truly newsworthy.  Obama has already quite clearly rejected (if not denounced) Wright's more extreme statements and outlines his clear areas of disagreement with Wright's views.  Therefore, just why is it so newsworthy when Wright continues to publicly espouse the particular views that Obama has rejected?  EJ Dionne asks “are the media paying too much attention to Wright?”  I think you know the answer. 

I started this post last night, today I see that George Will has piled on.  The essence of his column seems to boil down to: Wright says bad stuff and Obama was his parishoner for 20 years– how do we no he doesn't believe it.  Ummm, maybe because Obama already disowned all of Wright's more odious views?

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