Of Hillary, Ken Follett and my diminished blogging

I've obviously been a bad blogger lately.  Been pretty busy at work, but what's really done me in is World Without End by Ken Follet.  Regardless of when they are actually posted, I write a fair number of my blog posts in the evening before bed.  That's also the time, I like to get my pleasure reading in.  As it so happens, I've been so completely enthralled by World Without End for the past week or so (it is 1000 pages, so even though its keeping me up late every night, I'm still at it), that I've not wanted to take any time from reading in order to blog.

Tonight, of course, I did take a break to check on the Florida primary results.  I've already been quite unhappy with Hillary (and Bill!) due to their recent negativity and shenanigans, but Hillary's “victory speech” in Florida tonight was enough to snap me out of the blog slump.  The Democratic candidates all agreed months ago that they would not campaign in Florida, since it held its primary before the February 5 date imposed by the national Democratic party.  The party stripped Florida of its delegates, and thus any victory is only hollow.  Now that she's feeling desperate and has been up in the polls in Florida (Hillary has always led where there's not an actual contest– that Clinton name is pretty powerful in Democratic circles), she decides that today's out-performing Obama in Florida is a victory.  The Post's Dana Milbank calls it like it is:

Cheering supporters? Check. Election returns on the projection screen?
Check. Andrea Mitchell and Candy Crowley doing stand-ups? Check and
check. In fact, the only piece missing from Sen. Hillary Clinton's
Florida victory party here Tuesday night was a victory…

But in a political stunt worthy of the late Evel Knievel, the Clinton
campaign decided to put on an ersatz victory party that, it hoped,
would erase memories of Obama's actual victory in South Carolina's
Democratic primary. “Thank you Florida Democrats!” Clinton shouted to
the cheering throng. “I am thrilled to have this vote of confidence.”

I am so done with Hillary.  I'll vote for her should she get the nomination.  But as I've mentioned, I am a true yellow-dog Democrat– I would vote for my yellow lab, Lira, before any of the Republicans.  So, that's not really worth all that much. 

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