Christianity and the GOP

I know I'm not going to get around to excerpting and commenting on this nice Harold Meyerson column, just read it.  Okay, at least my favorite section:

Rather, it's the gap between the teachings of the Gospels and the
preachings of the Gospel's Own Party that has widened past the point of
absurdity, even as the ostensible Christianization of the party
proceeds apace.

The policies of the president, for instance, can be defended in
greater or (more frequently) lesser degree within a framework of
worldly standards. But if Bush can conform his advocacy of preemptive
war with Jesus's Sermon on the Mount admonition to turn the other
cheek, he's a more creative theologian than we have given him credit
for. Likewise his support of torture, which he highlighted again this
month when he threatened to veto House-passed legislation that would
explicitly ban waterboarding.

It's not just Bush whose catechism is a merry mix of torture and
piety. Virtually the entire Republican House delegation opposed the ban
on waterboarding.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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