Why do Republicans hate your children?

This week the House passed legislation that would dramatically curtail the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax– a tax originally designed to affect the wealthy, but instead increasingly hits the middle class as it was never indexed for inflation.  The Senate has tried and tried to pass a revenue-neutral version– that is, one that increases taxes elsewhere (primarily the wealthy) to make up for the lost revenue from the AMT.  Sounds reasonable enough– yes?  Lose one source of government taxation revenue replace it from elsewhere.  Not so for Republicans who filibustered until the Democrats gave up.  Are the Republicans offering spending cuts, therefore, to make up for the revenue loss?  Of course not.  That would be fiscally responsible.  Instead, the government will just borrow more money.  So, instead of us paying for the costs of government now, the Republican party prefers to pass it onto future generations.  Why do Republicans hate children? 

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