Wal-Mart: promoter of family values

I couldn't quite bring myself to put a picture of girls panties on my blog, you'll have to go here for the actual photo, but this is really quite something.  Wal-Mart is selling junior's (i.e., adolescents) underwear with the tag-line in front: “Who needs credit cards”  Um, what exactly is the subtext in that?  As Feministing put it: ” Who needs credit cards when you have a junior vagina?” (They've got the photo with the post).  In reading the post, I got a “hey, that's my Wal-Mart” moment” as it is actually the Wal-Mart in Cary, NC where the photo of the offending item was taken.  Hey, at least they don't carry music with racy lyrics.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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