Fully Myelinated self-reflection

Since a number of you have responded to my survey so far (there's still time to take it if you haven't!), I've been thinking a fair amount about just what I'm doing here.  One of the things I really want to provide with this blog is “value added.”  It is clear that readers really like it when I engage (intellectually, or humorously) with the stories and information that I link to.  I, of course, prefer this myself.  I do not want my blog to be like Instapundit or Eschaton, which seem to largely be a bunch of political links the blogger finds interesting.  I definitely want this blog to be a more direct reflection of me, and I think I do a decent job of that, for the most part.

I realized, though, that as I type this, there is a giant column of “draft” posts on the right side of my screen that I've never followed through on, largely because I felt I did not have the time to engage with the story, or at least pick out the most interesting excerpts.  I'd like to think that part of the added value of Fully Myelinated is exposing my readers to interesting stories they might not otherwise come across, especially as I read from a quite wide variety of on-line publications (admittedly, with a liberal slant).  Of course, it does no good if these stories forever sit in my “draft posts” column.  Therefore, I've decided I am going to link to more stories with minimal comment, other than the fact that I recommend you read them.  If you trust my judgment as to what is an interesting story/blog post, many of you will take a look, and since it won't take long to post these, it should presumably not diminish my more thoughtful postings.  Or so, that's the plan for now.  Expect to see some links to interesting stories from months ago as I clear out my “draft” column.

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