That damn liberal media, part MDCXI

In reading the Times' story on Hillary Clinton's health care proposal yesterday, I was struck by the following passage:

“Republican candidates acknowledge problems in the health care system
but would rely more than Mrs. Clinton and the other Democrats on the
market, the states and tax credits to resolve them.”

This is an incredibly disingenuous passage.  To say that the Republicans acknowledge problems in the health care system is to say that a driver has acknowledged he may need a tune-up and oil change when his engine has fallen out in the road.  Republican politicians largely gloss over our problems and to the extent they admit them, they simply do not offer serious policy proposals to fix them.  To suggest that in any way, Republican plans to rely on “the market, the states, and tax credits” to resolve problems with out health care system is at all analogous to Democrats' proposed health care reforms is to egregiously misrepresent the issue to readers.  Does the Times have a liberal bias?  Of course, not.  Rather its bias is towards a false pretense of objectivity that serves to actively misinform its readers just so nobody reading the article can claim they have a liberal bias.  The losers?  The American public. 

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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