My new favorite author

I've been doing a very poor job of updating my on-line book reviews (partly, because its been a slow year for me until pretty recently).  But, short of updating it, I did want to put in a plug for my new favorite author: Peter Abrahams.  I almost never seem to find the time to finish a book in less than two weeks anymore, but I just tore through both Oblivion and End of Story, finishing each in a matter of days.  I enjoyed Oblivion so much that I thought I'd try and squeeze in one more Abrahams book before Harry Potter comes out on the 21st.  As it turns out, I ended up reading almost every spare moment the past few days and now I'll have to make due reading political science articles needing reviews until Saturday because I'm definitely not going to be in the midst of another book for The Deathly Hallows.  I don't generally read a lot of mystery/suspense because I often find it too formulaic, but Abrahams has great way of tweaking conventions and creating novels that are compulsively readable, but funny and thought-provoking, too.

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