Giuliani and National Security

You probably have not heard about the fact that Rudy Giuliani skipped out on the Iraq Study Group in order to give lucrative $100,000+ speeches because “the liberal media” has largely not seen this as a story worth your time.  Slate's Fred Kaplan explains why it should be:

Rudy's choice?to go for the money?speaks proverbial volumes about his priorities…

But?given a chance to elevate his standing, serve the country, and
get educated on the nation's most pressing issue?Rudy went for the

Why did he accept the appointment in the first place? Many
blue-ribbon panels are pro forma assemblages: Big names fill the
roster; lowly staffers do the work. Giuliani may have signed up, fully
aware of the gig's political value?then dropped out upon learning that
it would cut into business…

Asked about the omission [of Iraq in his 12-point campaign plan],
Giuliani said that the idea was to address issues that will still be
with us in January 2009. “Iraq may get better, Iraq may get worse,” he
said. “We may be successful in Iraq, we may not be. I don't know the
answer to that. That's in the hands of other people.”

First, what
a bizarrely evasive comment, even by politicians' standards. Second,
does Giuliani have the slightest doubt that, whatever happens in the
next 19 months, Iraq will remain one of the most urgent topics that a
new president will have to confront?

The fact is, Giuliani has no idea what he's talking about. On the campaign trail he says
that the terrorist threat “is something I understand better than anyone
else running for president.” As the mayor of New York City on Sept. 11,
2001, he may have lived more intimately with the consequences of
terrorism, but this has no bearing on his inexperience or his scant
insight in the realm of foreign policy. He is, in fact, that most
dangerous would-be world leader: a man who doesn't seem to know how
much he doesn't know.
[emphasis mine].

As to the fact that most of the media is completely ignoring the story, I enjoyed Ana Marie Cox's sarcastic commentary:

If the GOP base is okay with Rudy as an abortion-providing, gay-loving,
gun-confiscating, adultery-committing, ferret-hating disciplinarian (because
he's a disciplinarian!), what about the ISG incident is supposed to
turn them off, exactly? That he skipped meetings about Iraq to squeeze
millions out of 9/11 nostalgia? That he apparently showed no interest
in helping to solve the most important foreign policy puzzle of our
time? HE WALKED THROUGH THE RUBBLE, DARNIT. How many times do we have
to show you him looking brave and dusty before you stop ASKING
QUESTIONS????? TEH 9/11! TEH 9/11!!!!

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