See a pattern here?

It truly is staggering.  Everywhere you look in this administration, meritocracy and good government have been completely (and illegally) replaced by Republican hack-ocracy.  The latest is in our little known immigration courts:

The Bush administration increasingly emphasized partisan political
ties over expertise in recent years in selecting the judges who decide
the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, despite laws that
preclude such considerations, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

At least one-third of the immigration judges appointed by the Justice Department
since 2004 have had Republican connections or have been administration
insiders, and half lacked experience in immigration law, Justice
Department, immigration court and other records show.

Two newly appointed immigration judges were failed candidates for the U.S. Tax Court nominated by President Bush;
one fudged his taxes and the other was deemed unqualified to be a tax
judge by the nation's largest association of lawyers. Both were
Republican loyalists…

The Post analysis is the first systematic examination of the people
appointed to immigration courts, the relationships that led to their
selection and the experience they brought to their position. The
review, based on Justice records and research into the judges'
backgrounds, encompassed the 37 current judges approved by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales or his predecessor, John D. Ashcroft, starting in 2004.

year is when the Justice Department began to jettison the civil service
process that traditionally guided the selections in favor of political
considerations, according to sworn congressional testimony by one
senior department official and a statement by the lawyer for another

Those two officials, D. Kyle Sampson and Monica M. Goodling, have said they were told the practice was legal. But Justice spokesman Dean Boyd
said that immigration judges are considered civil service employees who
may not be chosen based on political factors, unlike judges in federal
criminal courts.

Just so we're clear here, that last paragraph means that the DoJ admitted its practice was illegal.  Of course, Boyd goes on to say all these hires were actually based on merit.  That might be believable if there were not already copious evidence that the White House has been politicizing every last part of government it can, whether illegal or not.  It really is truly amazing, how this administration seems to be re-creating the political era of the 1870's, as if an entire series of good government, progressive reforms never happened.  This may truly be the most corrupt administration in over 100 years. 

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