Bush and global warming

It was really something to see all the coverage that President Bush's “aspirational goals” on global warming received earlier this week  Here's the crux, as the Post's Dana Milbank put it:

the new White House proposal includes ?no concrete targets or dates, no
enforcement mechanism and no penalties for noncompliance. It also
wouldn?t take effect until four years after Bush leaves office. It was,
rather, a call to spend the final 18 months of the Bush presidency
forming an aspirational goal.?. 

?Will the new framework consist of binding commitments or voluntary commitments?? asked CBS News?s Jim Axelrod.

?In this instance, you have a long-term, aspirational goal,? [Jim
Connaughton, the president?s adviser on the environment] answered.

Aspirational goal? Like having the body you want without diet or exercise? Or getting rich without working?

?I?m confused,? Axelrod said. ?Does that mean there will be targets
for greenhouse gas emission reductions, and that everybody will be
making binding commitments??

?The commitment at the international level will be to a long-term, aspirational goal,? the Bush aide repeated.

Axelrod had his answer. ?Voluntary,? he concluded.

?Well,? said Connaughton, ?I want to be careful about the word ?voluntary.??

Here's the analogy that came to me when thinking about all this.  Basically, you've had all these other nations trying to convince Bush to jump off the diving board with them into the deep end.  At each request, he's run away from the pool screaming.  Now, it appears, he's decided to stick his feet in the shallow end of the pool.  I'm not too optimistic at just how wet he is willing to get. 

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