Happy Blogversary

I was looking for an old post recently and discovered that May 26, 2006 was the beginning of this blog.  I've actually been surprised at how consistently I've been able to post for most of the past year.  I am pleased that most weeks have not been like this one, where readjustment to teaching summer school every day has slowed me down.  I've had lots of posts in the past year– many I am quite proud of, others that I hope are at least interesting.   I re-read my second entry, which outlined my basic approach to the blog, and I am pleased that it seems to have delivered what I promised– not just impassioned rants against George Bush, but all sorts of interesting tidbits.  I like to thing of this blog as kind of a dose of Steve.  Anyway, one year down, and I think, going strong, so thanks for reading this and stick with me.

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