Impeach ourselves?

Salon's Gary Kamiya makes a very intriguing argument in a column today.  In a nutshell, the reason that the American public has no interest in impeaching Bush is that to do so would force us to seriously confront our own flaws.  The highlights:

But there's a deeper reason why the popular impeachment movement has
never taken off — and it has to do not with Bush but with the American
people. Bush's warmongering spoke to something deep in our national
psyche. The emotional force behind America's support for the Iraq war,
the molten core of an angry, resentful patriotism, is still too hot for
Congress, the media and even many Americans who oppose the war, to
confront directly. It's a national myth. It's John Wayne. To impeach
Bush would force us to directly confront our national core of violent
self-righteousness — come to terms with it, understand it and reject
it. And we're not ready to do that.

The truth is that Bush's high crimes and misdemeanors, far from being too small, are too great.
What has saved Bush is the fact that his lies were, literally, a matter
of life and death. They were about war. And they were sanctified by 9/11.
Bush tapped into a deep American strain of fearful, reflexive
bellicosity, which Congress and the media went along with for a long
time and which has remained largely unexamined to this day. Congress,
the media and most of the American people have yet to turn decisively
against Bush because to do so would be to turn against some part of
themselves. This doesn't mean we support Bush, simply that at some dim,
half-conscious level we're too confused — not least by our own
complicity — to work up the cold, final anger we'd need to go through

It is quite worth reading the entire thing. 


The Democrat’s best is on A4

Bill Richardson officially announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president yesterday.  Sadly, all you really need to know about it is captured in the image:

As you can see, it is not front page news.  This despite the fact that Richardson has a presidential resume to die for: successful two-term governor, former ambassador to the UN, former energy Secretary, former Congressman.  Plus, he's moderate and he's Hispanic.  Alas, Obama and Hillary Clinton have pretty much sucked all the air (and the money) out of the room, except for Edwards' game effort which benefits from his place on the '04 ticket.  Still, it just really bothers me that the man who is demonstrably so much more qualified than his competitors gets short shrift.  Based on my conversations with friends, I'm going to conclude that Richardson is the thinking person's Democratic nominee.  That and $50 million might get you the nomination. 

This very flattering profile in the Post Style section only increased my support for his candidacy.  He really has an amazing background.  It may be hopeless, but I'm sticking with Richardson for now. 

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