Teens and condoms

A common trope of the anti sex education forces is that providing access to condoms will lead to promiscuity.  Never a very persuasive argument, but now there's some good data casting this line of reasoning in serious doubt.  As it turns out, in a survey of over 4000 sexually-active teens those who used condoms had no more partners than those who did not use condoms.  There was one big difference in the study– much less incidence of sexually transmitted disease in the group that used condoms.  

Darryl Hunt

In a recent post about DNA, race, and flawed eyewitness testimony, I mentioned the new documentary, “The Trials of Darryl Hunt,” which I had yet to watch.  I watched it this weekend and it was a terrific documentary and an incredibly powerful and disturbing indictment of our justice system.  In honestly made me ashamed to be a North Carolinian, where this horrible travesty took place.  In short, Darryl Hunt, a Black man, spent 20 years in prison for the rape and murder of a white Woman– a crime which any honest, objective person could see from the start he had nothing to do with.  The most shameful aspect of this case was when, 9 years after the crime, DNA testing clearly showed Hunt to be innocent, but an NC Appeals court judge and then the NC Supreme Court had the audacity to claim that this finding of fact would have been unlikely to have changed the verdict at the trial.  Not until 2004, when a new DNA search found a match with the actual killer, were charges dropped and Hunt released from prison.  This case is just one more sorry example of prosecutors pursuing convictions instead of justice.  I feel like every student in law school should have to watch this film.  If you get a chance, you should definitely watch this film.  As sad and disturbing as this sordid tale is, the dignity with which Hunt handled his unjust incarceration was truly inspiring to behold.   

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