Hospital blogging

The blog rate is really slow due to the fact that my oldest son is in the hospital with really bad pneumonia (post-surgery, his lungs are draining into the pleur evac 6000 right next to me as I type).  Thanks to morphine (David is dosing away content) and hospital wifi, here I am.  I have to say, it pains me not to have the time to blog about the most recent corruption uncovered in the Bush administration.  If the morphine keeps at it, I'll try and get out one post tonight.

Anyway, this whole experience here has made me especially grateful for our excellent health insurance.  It is enough stress without worrying about what will surely be a bill in the many 10's of thousands when all is said and done.  If this had happened to me as a kid, it would have surely bankrupted my self-employed, uninsured parents (as discussed in the previous post). My choice of occupation really should not determine the fact that this is a serious, but manageable financial hit to us whereas it would be absolutely catastrophic to so many others. 

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