Why the Democratic Congress matters

The recent purge of US Attorneys has been getting pretty good media coverage (like the front page of today's Post).  The simple reason is that the Senate is holding hearings on the matter.  And why is the Senate holding hearings?  Because Democrats are in control.  You can bet if Republicans were still the majority party, these antics of the Bush administration would have been ignored and swept under the rug, like so much wrongdoing during Bush's first 6 years.  The simple truth is that government actions drive the media's agenda.  This story would have been uncovered and led to endless outrage in the left-wing blogosphere even if Republicans were in power.  But, it would have died and withered away there without the general public ever catching wind of it.  Now that there are Congressional hearings to cover, the story is receiving the wider audience it deserves.  It is kind of unfortunate that a story like this cannot stand on its own merits without government action, but given that's the way the media world works, it is a damn good thing Democrats are in charge of Congress, thereby forcing the press to cover the malfeasance of the Bush administration. 

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