In keeping with the 2008 theme, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, has declared his intention to run for the Democratic nomination as well.  On most every objective factor, he would make a better choice.  He's got a great resume: 15 years in Congress, Secretary of Energy, Ambassador to the UN, and twice elected governor of New Mexico.  And to top it all of, he's Hispanic, but with a name like Bill Richardson, much less likely to scare of xenophobic voters.  Of course, lacking the name recognition or star power of Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, he falls immediately into the second tier candidates.   Yet on the face of it, he is doubtless the best prepared to be president.  I am a strong believer that we are much better off having former governors than former senators as president.  From what I can tell, he just does not seem to excite the pundit class (NM voters seem plenty happy with him).  Hmmm, maybe I should join the Richardson for President bandwagon.  What I would really love is for a candidate with the charisma of Edwards or Obama to have the resume of Richardson.  Alas, it seems not to be. 

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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