The unmentioned dangers of the Wii

As has widely been reported in the media (and surely great for marketing) people are having all sorts of problems with their Wii remotes flying off and breaking their plasma TV's etc., while using the amazing virtual reality remote control.  In fact, a rather interesting website, wiihaveaproblem has sprung up to catalog Wii injuries to person and property.  Up till now, I had just had a couple of minor finger injuries from overly-enthusiastic bowling, but today I reached a Wii low– I knocked over sweet little baby Evan with an overly-enthusiastic backhand while playing tennis. Don't worry, after the initial shock of being knocked to the floor (and it doesn't take much, he's just learning to walk) by Daddy, Evan was fine.  But it did cause me to question my parenting– not only was I ignoring my baby to play a video game, I actually hurt him in the process.  I think there should be some belated New Year's resolution in here somewhere.  

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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