You can go home again

I've probably been to at least half a dozen Duke basketball games in Cameron with my dad since moving back to the area in 2002.  Tonight's game was different, though.  In all the previous games, we have sat in the upper-level section– a very different environment from the bleachers surround the court where I proudly spent four years as a Cameron Crazy.  Since the Duke students were out on break, our tickets were general admission for what is usually the student section (a good number of Duke students did seem to be still around in the section, too).  At first I felt weird and out-of-place, being a thirty-something guy down in the student section, and wishing I could sit down and see instead of standing and peeking around people to see the action.  As the game wore on, and turned out to be a close and exciting contest (though, one would hope for an easier victory against Kent State's Golden Flashes), I felt like the clock had been turned back 13 years or so.  There I was yelling the cheers, and even jumping up and down with the students.  Nice to know that I have not completely become an old fogey.  


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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