Dolphin Hunt

Really disturbing article in today's Washington Post about a traditional dolphin hunt in Japan in which bottlenose dolphins are rounded up by the thousands and killed with knives and clubs, turning the water around them completely red.  Apparently, this has been a long-time tradition in Japan, but know scientists are trying to fight back by emphasizing the intelligence of dolphins.  They are even making arguments based on dolphins' self-recognition in the mirror (a subject I clearly find quite interesting).  Alas, the fact that dolphins are complex, intelligent, social beings carries no weight when faced with “tradition.” 

Takumi Fukuda, the fisheries attache at the Japanese Embassy in
Washington, defended the event as a centuries-old national tradition.

“It is kind of our cultural activity,” he said. “We think it is important.”

Just another example of why arguments based on variations of “we've always done it that way” are intellectually weak and morally lazy.  Save the dolphins!  (Here's the site for the petition mentioned in the article). 

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