Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has formed an exploratory committee about pursuing the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2008.  If Giuliani decides that he has a good chance and should run in 2008, then is his obviously too politically ignorant to become president.  There is absolutely no way at all, regardless of name recognition and post 9/11 popularity that any pro-choice politician gets the Republican nomination.  Or as Josh Marhsall wonderfully put it:

But do we really have to pretend that Rudy Giuliani has more than a
snowball's chance in hell of getting the Republican presidential
nomination? Or can we all just stipulate that a multiple adulterer, who
supports gay civil rights and choice, has deep and on-going ties to
mobbed-up and now-disgraced Police boss Bernie Kerik, has a largely
unscrutinized (outside of New York) resume, and had the bright idea of
locating the NYC disaster center in the already-once-bombed World Trade
Center probably will have some rough sledding in Republican primaries?

The fact that Giuliani is doing quite well (he trails only John McCain among Republicans) in current polls for the 2008 nomination tells us just how worthless these particular polls are. 

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