If like me, you are a big Borat fan (and if you are a college student, chances are this is you), this article at is quite interesting.  It has the true story behind most of the funny gags in the movie.  For example, Borat really did cause quite a ruckus at the rodeo:

John Saunders, the Salem Civic Center's assistant director, told the Roanoke Times that if Borat and crew hadn't high-tailed it out of the arena, “There would have been a riot. They would have been killed.”

As for Pamela Anderson, the truth of that scene remains a mystery.

I even worked in a quote from the movie during a post-election roundtable on Thursday when asked about the impact of a female speaker.  Those familiar with Borat got a good laugh when I mentioned Khazak scientists determining women's brains to be the size of squirrel's.  Those not familiar with the movie looked at me like I was crazy– though I am pretty used to that by now.

And if you haven't seen Borat, you are missing the funniest movie of the year– though the easily offended should stay away. 

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