Where is torture just a game?

Answer: in newsrooms.  Unfortunately, the majority of the coverage of the Republican compromise on torture follows the media's “game orientation.”  The sad truth is that most reporters are not all that interested in policy and are much more interested in the game of politics– who's winning, who's losing, etc.  Rather than reporting on the policy implications of this compromise– will it really make us more safe?  less safe?  what kinds of torture are we endorsing or eliminating?  is this good or bad for our country?  i.e., tough questions, the media would rather focus on the political winners and losers.  Did McCain get what he wants?  Did Bush get what he wants?  Who's the “winner” in the compromise?  And who is the loser when the press takes this narrow and short-sighted approach to covering news?  A: The American public.  The Carpetbagger has a nice take here

Afraid of gays? The VA Tech College Republicans will protect you

Interesting little tidbit from Virigina Tech.  Apparently, they have a “safe zone” campaign where faculty and staff display “safe zone” stickers “in order for their promise to provide
an understanding environment for those who would like to speak frankly
about their sexuality.”  In response, the College Republicans have created their own campaign:

?A Conservative ?Safe? Zone,? the original fliers read. ?Join College
Republicans.? Below the text lay the tell-tale safe-zone triangle (its
coloration altered from its original rainbow stripes to a red, white
and blue ensemble) with an elephant head superimposed over the right of
the figure.

It's gotta be tough for those College Republicans at Virginia Tech.  Good thing they have their own gay-free safe zones to hang out in. 

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