What to watch Sunday night?

Short answer: HBO's The Wire, not ABC's docudrama on 9/11.  I won't go into all the details (ThinkProgress has them if you are curious), but basically, ABC's drama is supposedly based on the 9/11 Commission report, but was written by a right-wing operative who fictionalized a number of scenes to make the Clinton administration look bad and directly contradict the 9/11 commission report.  You want to know the story, read the book.  You want to watch compelling television, watch the Wire, an amazing, realistic, gritty drama about drug dealers, cops, and life in urban Baltimore.  This week's Entertainment Weekly just gave the new 4th season an A+.  I can't even remember seeing an A+ grade for a tv show.  I've read a number of critics who have called it the best show currently on television.  It has clearly surpassed the Soprano's in critical acclaim.  As for me, I'll just say that it is doubtless the most realistic, thought-provoking, and compelling television crime drama I have ever viewed.  Don't have HBO or don't want to jump into the 4th season, get the DVD's.  I didn't steer you wrong on Grizzly Man, did I?

UPDATE: I was just channel surfing around 9 and watched about 20 minutes of “The Path to 9/11” and honestly found it quite riveting.  It may have some partisan-based historical inaccuracies, but it least the part I watched sure made for some good drama.  Then again, so did the Wire.

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