Grizzly Man

I watched the movie “Grizzly Man” several months ago, but I recently came across a segment on this amazing documentary on ABC's Primetime and it reminded me of this incredible movie that few people have seen.  If you are reading this, get the DVD.  Seriously.  I promise, you won't regret it.  Grizzly Man is the story of Timothy Treadwell, an incredibly disturbed man who saw himself as the savior of Alaska's Grizzlies and has hours and hours of footage documenting his time with them.  Acclaimed documentarian Werner Herzog took Treadwell's raw footage after Treadwell and his girlfriend were eaten by a bear (with the video running.  No, you don't see that) and crafted a spellbinding documentary of one man's obsession and madness.  Treadwell anthropomorphizes these bears more than a Disney movie and it is really something to watch him keep a pretty tenuous grip on reality and to see his true love and devotion for these amazing (and amazingly dangerous) creatures.  The Discovery Channel also shows this movie every so often, so keep your eyes open.  

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