Your weight, your teeth, and your accent

Are you by any chance overweight with bad teeth and a regional accent?  Statistically speaking, that makes it much more likely that you are lower class– or British, as far as the teeth go :-).  Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich was on Oprah last week (actually a re-run) talking about social class and here's the rub:

Robert says there are three common indicators of class: weight, teeth and dialect. In terms of appearance, people who are overweight or have poor teeth are generally regarded as lower class. The way someone talks says even more about their class. “People pay attention to dialect, to language,” says Robert. “If you have the local dialect, wherever you're from, you're considered to be not as educated.”

I could stand to lose 5-10 pounds, but I think I chalk up 3 for 3 on the positive side.  I was afraid of being considered one of those low-class college professors. 

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