A Titanic Observation

HBO, as they are wont to do with popular movies from time to time, has been showing Titanic almost every day lately.  One thing I enjoy doing is watching movies, especially those I've already seen, in non-linear bits and pieces over several days (After about 10-15 separate viewing, I finally managed to see all of “The Iron Giant.”  One of my favorite movies despite never seeing it start to finish.).  Anyway, after watching the last dramatic hour of Titanic the other night, I thought, “wow, that really was a great movie.”  I shared my thoughts with my wife, who disagreed that it was just too over the top sappy for her.  In another gender role reversal in our marriage, servers in restaurants often bring the Diet Coke I ordered to her and the regular Coke she ordered to me.  As for these gender role reversals, I am comfortable enough in my manliness to mention that I did score on the female side of things in the on-line “Gender Test.”  It is quite fun and interesting, give it a try.  Especially if you are a man who loved Titanic or a woman who did not :-).


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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