“Waiting to get blown up”

In today's Washington Post, a story that takes a look at troop morale.  Some of the more interesting quotes from soldiers:

“Think of what you hate most about your job. Then think of doing what
you hate most for five straight hours, every single day, sometimes
twice a day, in 120-degree heat,” he said. “Then ask how morale is.”

“It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we're driving around waiting to
get blown up. That's the most honest answer I could give you,”

“No one wants to be here, you know, no one is truly enthused about what
we do,” said Sgt. Christopher Dugger, the squad leader. “We were
excited, but then it just wears on you — there's only so much you can

I find the following war on drugs analogy quite interesting:

“At this point, it seems like the war on drugs in America,” added Spec.
David Fulcher, 22, a medic from Lynchburg, Va., who sat alongside
Steffey. “It's like this never-ending battle, like, we find one IED, if
we do find it before it hits us, so what? You know it's just like if
the cops make a big bust, next week the next higher-up puts more back
out there.”

For me, being pro-troops is trying harder to bring these poor guys home.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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