Odinism lives!

Remember the Norse God Odin?  Well, apparently he's catching on these days among prison inmates.  

“Asatru has been gaining popularity among inmates, say religious leaders
and prison experts who believe its roots in Viking mythology attract
prisoners seeking power, protection and unity…

Asatru is often referred to as Odinism, although some followers believe
the two are separate religions. It is a polytheistic, pre-Christian
faith native to Scandinavia whose adherents worship gods including Thor
and Odin.

It emphasizes a connection with one?s ancestors and values honor, loyalty, generosity and truth.”

“Honor, loyalty, generosity, and truth.”  Just what I associate with your typical inmate population. 

Here's the explanation, that does not seem to have much to do with the above-mentioned principles:

?It?s a theology that celebrates raw physical power and domination, and
that is why I think it is so popular among prison inmates,? Potok said.
?The kind of inmate who might be attracted to this is a white man who
is looking for justification for extreme violence, who is looking for
an ideology which explains why he should be the boss.?

I suppose of Islam can be corrupted by extremists, so can Odinism. 

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