The president used a “bad” word!

The big news today: Bush was caught using profanity over an open microphone!  The president uses profanity, oh no!  I'm glad the media is focused on important things.  How about, for example, the content of Bush's statement– that Syria is basically responsible for the current violence in Israel and Lebanon.  Is this so?  What factors would lead Bush to conclude this is the main cause of the conflict, etc.?  No, that would be real journalism. 

In my classes I like to talk about the “Orchestra Pit Phenomenon,” which I think I took from Thomas Patterson.  Basically, the idea is that two guys get on a stage, one announces that he has solved the problems in the Middle East, the other falls into the orchestra pit.  We all know which guy the media will give lead coverage to.  Thus, today's media coverage is truly a classic example of the way in which the media fails the public. 

Some additional commentary on the matter here and here

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