Do you have older brothers?

The latest research on homosexuality shows that the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay.  This is the case even if the man was not raised with his brothers, so it is clearly a biological effect.  I also recently listened to a great Quirks and Quarks podcast called “Searching for a Gay Gene” which basically summarized all the evidence for the biological basis of homosexuality.  One of the studies I found most interesting is brain scans of rams (i.e., male sheep) that are gay and straight (yep, about 8% of rams prefer other rams).  A certain region of the brain in the homosexual rams was consistently smaller than in the heterosexual rams.  This mirrors findings in humans, but in the case of rams, one cannot reasonably make the claim that different socialization has affected brain structures.  Long story short: if you want to keep hating gays for who they are, you might as well hate Blacks and short people, too.  Not that you should.

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