The President is Always Right

Well, it is pretty clear how to
get a job as a lawyer in the Justice Department these days, apparently all you
need to do is recognize George W. Bush's infallibility:

“As Congress opened hearings yesterday on the
treatment of terrorism detainees, the Bush administration's view was neatly
summarized by Steven Bradbury, the Justice Department lawyer serving as lead
witness. “The president,” Bradbury said, “is always right.”

Now that we have the doctrine of Presidential infallibility, I wonder what other similarities we can find between President Bush and the Pope.


Mexican immigrant children: “The next generation of terrorists”

Sure, immigration is a complicated issue, but you'd like to think we have somewhat rational officeholders to deal with the issue.  In Colorado, that may be too much.  A bill which would still allow for food and healthcare for only the children of illegal immigrants met the following response:

But Rep. Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora, said at the caucus that she was upset that the bill exempted children under 18.

“We're helping create the next generation of terrorists,” she said.

I think that speaks for itself. 

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