Flag burning public opinion

Before flag burning completely disappears from the political stage until the next time politicians try to pander by eviscerating the first amendment, I thought it would be worth taking a look at public opinion on the issue. Gallup just released a nice little analysis and finds that support for the amendment, though a majority, is a far from overwhelming at 56%.  Change the question wording a little, and mention that the amendment would, in fact, make illegal a form of political dissent, and support falls to a minority 45%.  Just one more demonstration of the power of question wording.  What is public opinion, really, when changing a few words can change support from legal abortion from 70% to 30%?

 It is also worth noting that support for this amendment has been undergoing a gradual decline.  Maybe more Americans are figuring out what this First Amendment things is all about.

Ann Coulter vs. Adolf Hitler

I was planning on just letting Ann Coulter go after my last posting on the matter, but I just came across this quiz which has quotes from both Coulter and Hitler and asks you to guess who made the statement.  I managed to get 11 of 14 write, but did confuse Coulter and Hitler with each other on 3 of them.  Give it a try and see how you do.  For the most part, Hitler's more distinctive speaking style helps, but not always.  There's an interesting analysis of the differences here

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