What to drink

So, I was telling my class yesterday that they really should try Island Fruit flavor 7-Up plus.  Pretty much the first diet drink I can think of that my wife actually drinks by choice over sugar-sweetened soda.  We joked that I should blog about this, rather than my more typical political posts.  What's the point of a blog if you cannot indulge a little frivolous listing of your favorite products every now and then.  Anyway, you should give the 7-Up Plus a try.  While I'm at it, I'll also put in a plug for X-factor, orange + tropical fruit, gatorade.  The great thing about Gatorade is that it has half the sugar/calories of soda, but tastes 75% as good.  And, I would be remiss not to give credit to my long-time drink of choice, Diet Dr. Pepper.  The diet soda unrivalled by all others.  Happy drinking.  


Guantanamo and Civil Liberties

I could say so much about just how disturbing it is what we are doing at Guantanomo.  Sure terrorists are bad, but so is a nation governed by the rule of law who decides that the rule of law need not apply for suspected terrorists is also bad, though in a very different way..  Most Americans, quite understandably, just assume that most of the “enemy combatants” (a term which is a legal fiction and a creation of the Bush administration) were picked up on the battlefields of Afghanistan (in reality, this represents only about 11% of detainees).  Things become much more disturbing when you learn that most of the detainees were simply rounded up under a variety of circumstances and in many cases simply turned in for large cash bounties.  I'll rely on Kevin Drum again for a more fastidious run-down of the facts. 

Anyway, it was especially disturbing today after lecturing on our civil liberties and on what important fundamental guarantees these are, how they are fundamental to our nation as a democracy, and then to hear an interview on Fresh Air (for my money, the best program on NPR) tonight by the author of a new book about Guantanamo, Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power.  I had heard most of these matters before, but it was especially disturbing to learn that every aspect of the Geneva Convention sets a bare minimum standard for humane treatment that we have simply decided to ignore.  Again, I agree that terrorists are bad, but I think it is very bad that our country should try and conduct justice in a way that quite honestly reminds me of what I learned about medieval witch trials (no opportunity to learn the charges against you or prove your innocence, etc.).  We have control over the latter, not the former. 

Alright, I went on longer than I want to.  You really should read the Drum post, though, its brief, yet incredibly damning of the conduct of our government. 

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