Karl Rove, remora

The Carpetbagger has quickly become one of my favorite blogs because, unlike most political journalists, Steve Benen seems to have actually taken some political science classes and stayed awake for them.  Here he writes about how Karl Rove intentionally mislead the reporters and the public in the Valerie Plame case.  In what could be a direct quote from my PS 201 lecture notes, he writes:

 “Political reporters rely on influential insiders like Rove all the
time, and it's a symbiotic relationship ? sources want to get a message
out and reporters want insights they can't get anywhere else.”  Benen continues, “the
connection, however, is based on trust. Reporters have to remain
skeptical, and realize when they're being spun, but Rove misled these
journalists and deceived to others (like Scott McClellan) so they'd mislead journalists.”

I always like to give the example of this symbiotic relationship by talking about one of my favorite from nature– the crocodile bird that gets a free meal from the scraps in the crocodile's mouth, who meanwhile gets clean teeth.  This relationship does not apply to Rove– a remora analogy might be more apt in his case. 

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