I see angry faces

According to the latest psychological research, men are significantly better than women at picking at angry faces in a crowd.  The authors of the study believe that the ability to distinguish a potentially angry foe gives men more of an evolutionary advantage than it does to women as it would have been less likely to directly affect their survival.

Also interesting, is the fact that the same research also found that women are superior to men at picking out “more socially relevant expressions” such as happiness, sadness, surprise, and disgust, yet the article focuses almost solely (and with a big headline) on the area where men have an advantage. “Men better than Women at ferreting out that Angry Face in a Crowd.”  This could have just as easily been framed as “women better at picking out happy faces,” or something along those lines.  Regardless of how it is presented, it is certainly thought-provoking research.

Hippo Miscellany

Alex's pre-school class got to take a field trip on the last day of school for Hippotherapy.  (Lest you be getting some odd ideas, you should realize that hippo is the greek work for horse.  Hippopatamus actually means river horse).   What a thrill to see all these 3 and 4 year old special needs kids having so much fun on horseback.   

On a quasi-related note, I have the entire text of Hippos Go Beserk committed to memory.  David is 6 1/2 and has loved this book since he was 2. 

Final quasi-related note.  Did you know that more humans in Africa are killed by hippos than by any other wild beast.  Those African rivers are dangerous places.

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