Happiness is being Republican

A fascinating report from the Pew Research Center finds that Republicans are significantly happier than Democrats and Independents.  Why?  Happiness is correlated with higher income, more frequent church attendance, and being married– all factors which are likewise associated with being Republican.  Maybe money can't buy you love, but according to this study, it doesn't hurt with buying happiness. 

On a related note, Quirks and Quarks has a great podcast about the science of happiness.  The key is that we're not evolved to be happy, but rather to always be seeking happiness. 


Baghdad ER

I finally got around to watching Baghdad ER on HBO.  What a brilliant documentary.  It was just do horrific to see the day-after-day human devastation of the war over there and also inspiring to see the heroism and commitment of the Army medical personnel.  The biggest reason that American deaths have stayed so low, in relative terms, is that they do an astounding job of treating battlefield injuries these days.  Over 90% of the injured survive.  What I do not think we hear enough about is the many lives turned upside-down by serious injury, amputation, etc.  There may be “only” 2000+ killed so far, but there are over 17,000 wounded, many in life-altering ways. 

Whatever you think of the war, this is something well worth watching.

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