Lies, damn lies, and Bill Frist

One thing that I find really interesting about the ongoing debate regarding the repeal of the estate tax is that supporters of the repeal consistently need to lie to make their point.  They are always going on about these poor, hard-hit family farms, when the evidence suggests that they are only a miniscule portion of those who pay the estate tax.  Bill Frist, Senate Majority leader, recently described one of these anecdotes in a way that was patently false

I also have to say, this insistence on calling it the “death tax” is just so absurd and annoying (and unfortunately effective at fooling people who are not all that politically astute).  Since only about 1% of deaths end up with an estate tax bill, calling it the “death tax” makes about as much sense as calling FICA “the homosexual tax” since presumably 5-10% (depending on who's numbers you want to believe) of the social security taxpayers are homosexual.  Then again, maybe Republicans will try that next. 

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