3am Theory of Parenting (reader discretion advised)

So, when I started this blog my wife was afraid I would just use it to write boring, quotidian details of family life.  I assured her it would mostly be about politics, current events, etc.  Last night's events, though, struck me as blogworthy– not for the events themselves, but because they caused me to think a little about parenting in general.

So, within a very short span of time, around 3 last night, Evan had what we parents refer to as a serious “blowout” in our bed and just a few minutes later David awoke vomiting copiously.  Probably the worst I've ever seen from a kid who has always regurgitated with alarming frequency.  All the ruckus caused Alex, an extraordinarily light sleeper to awake crying and upset.  Kim went about calming Alex and changing our Evan-stained sheets while I tried to settle David down and change his sheets and get a load of pretty distasteful laundry going.  Evan was a trooper and managed to sleep through all the chaos, after his initial contribution. 

So, how does this relate to a theory of parenting?  Even amidst all this late night unpleasantness, I had to mentally step back and laugh to myself about just how crazy and absurd the situation was.  I think to be a happy parent and not go insane, you really have to do that, otherwise, it seems to me that parenthood would just eat you alive.

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