Inaugural Entry

Well, at long last I'm starting a blog after thinking about it for a long time.  For some reason, seeing that the NCSU library was offering Wolfblogs is what got me to finally do this– not like I couldn't have started a blog for free somewhere else, ages ago.  The fact that my wife– the much-needed superego to my id– called me “Narcissus” when I first ran the idea past her has definitely made me think twice about this.

Nonetheless, after a recent couple days of meetings on Distance Education, I decided (deluded myself?) that this blog could actually be a useful pedagogical tool.  One thing I really do not like about teaching both a distance course and large lecture courses is that I really do not get to discuss current events (or anything else for that matter) with my students.  I decided this would be a way for me to share my thoughts on the issues of the day.  This will, of course, save my wife from listening to political rants when I do not otherwise have an audidence.  So, that said, we'll just have to see how this goes (and if anybody besides me actually reads this thing).


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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